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2020-10 Smart City Handbook: Thailand

Unless cities are well planned and managed, urbanisation exacerbates poverty, overcrowding, congestion, pollution. Public services quickly become inadequate and inaccessible. With two thirds of the world’s population due to live in cities by 2050, resolving the challenges of our cities is critical to resolving the issues of our future including climate change, health, resource depletion, poverty and waste. Smart cities are citizen-centric. Contrary to some popular perceptions, smart cities do not always have to be ultra-high-tech. Instead, smart cities prefer ‘practical technology’ that fosters people’s wellbeing and livelihood. The key to a successful building of smart cities, therefore, is the understanding of the demands and needs of residents ‘from within.’
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21 Apr 21

2018-01-24: A Business Guide to Thailand

A Guide to Doing Business in Thailand provides a broad introduction to all of the key factors for starting and operating a business in Thailand. https://aseanup.com/guide-doing-business-thailand/
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14 Sep 20